Wedding flowers for Amelia & Werner

Wedding flowers and decor for Amelia & Werner

One and Only Hotel in Cape Town

Ceremonial Area

Four silver floor stand candelabra and tall white dinner candles will be placed in the front of the venue where you will be doing your vows. These candelabra will be moved to the Ballroom after the Ceremony and used as focal points in the venue.

Two black baskets with fresh white rose petals will be at the doors and ready to be used as confetti and with this the mood will be set for a memorable wedding Celebration.

The Reception in the Ball room

The already stunning BALL ROOM with its fabulous chandeliers and classy ambiance will be even more of a WOW with the Fairy light waterfall cascading from the ceiling to the floor behind the main table. The white Tiffany chairs from the Ceremony will be placed around the tables, all covered with the Hotel’s white linen and set as per the Hotel standard… A black satin ribbon will be folded around each napkin with a mini monogram of yours placed on this.

The glass cake table will be set up on the one side of the main table with the cake on top creating a focal point in the room.

The four candelabra from the Isola will be set up on either side of the Main table, for this we replaced the tall dinner candles with fat Chapel candles.

The centre of each of the square guest tables will be decorated with a tall crystal candelabra and tall white dinner candles. A high lily vase with dangling crystals filled with tall white open gladiola, on a low white raiser box will compliment the all over look. These will add height to the tables and will be fabulous!! Small glass bowls with white floating candles and some silver pearl encrusted bowls with t-light candles will be scattered all over the table to add to the romantic lighting you envisage for later in the evening.

The 6 pax Main table will be decorated with two large silver champagne bowls filled with ice and champagne, two crystal candelabra with tall dinner candles and three crystal bowls filled with open white Casablanca lilies. A throw bouquet in a glass vase and a vase with water for your bridal bouquet will be combined with this. LOADS of small glass bowls with floating candles will add to the romantic lighting…

Bridal and retinue

The Bridal bouquet will be a small posy of white stunning smelling stocks tied with black satin ribbon and complimented with crystals on the holding bit. The Groom will have a small stocks buttonhole.

The bridesmaid will carry a small bundle of open white Casablanca lily. All remaining retinue flowers will be made up with white roses.

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